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Where glitter meets face paint 

Our purpose is to empower creators with the tools for self-expression and storytelling

At FacepaintingCo Beauty, we see makeup as a canvas for creativity. Our glitter products are crafted to enhance your artistry, providing vibrant colors and mesmerizing textures. More than cosmetics, they're tools for self-expression and storytelling. Whether you're a professional artist or an enthusiast, our versatile glitter makeup invites you to explore, experiment, and celebrate your unique creativity. FacepaintingCo Beauty: Elevate your craft, express your story."

Designed to Empower Creators

Cruelty Free + Certified Vegan

Artistic Versatility for creators

We give back to Animal Charities


lots of little snowflake shaped glitter in a container that's a packshot on a stand.jpg



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Chunky Glitter

Heart Shaped


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Environmental Commitment Eco-friendly Formulation:


Our commitment to the planet is reflected in our use of biodegradable glitter and eco-conscious ingredients, ensuring our products leave a minimal ecological footprint.

Sustainable Packaging:


We prioritize environmental and ethical responsibility through recyclable, sustainable, and vegan packaging, affirming our dedication to no harm to animals. Cruelty-Free Commitment: Our products are 100% cruelty-free and never tested on animals, aligning with our mission to protect all beings and offer peace of mind to our eco-conscious consumers.


Artistic Empowerment:

Premium Quality Artistry: Designed by artists for artists, our collection offers superior quality pigments and textures. These enable boundless creativity and professional-grade artistic expression, fostering a community of empowered creators.

Empowerment Through Creativity:


We provide tools for expressive, impactful storytelling, transforming makeup into a medium for personal and artistic expression, and empowering individuals to convey their unique narratives.

Support for Animal Welfare:


Our advocacy for beauty and animal welfare merges by supporting animal shelters with a portion of our profits. This commitment underscores our passion for makeup and our dedication to community contribution and compassion towards animals

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