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How we started our face painting journey 

Updated: Mar 28

Hey creators!


It’s FacepaintingCo founders here.


People often ask us: how did you get started?


That’s why we want to share our origin story and show our appreciation to our first mentors.


Whether you’re an aspiring artist or just an admirer, we hope you find this story helpful.


Where it all began


It all started way back at a family birthday party.


Soon as we arrived, we met an army of sugared-up kids and not much in the way of entertainment. That’s when they noticed one of the gifts: a pack of face paints.


As lifelong artists, we shared a light bulb moment: why not make our own fun and entertainment?


Once we saw the joy our designs brought the little ones, we were hooked!


Which is how we started our journey to master our newfound craft.

Our first mentor

Our search for guidance led us to a chance opportunity — work for aspiring face painters at the prestigious Sydney Royal Easter Show Sydney, with the promise of training. It was here we met Steve and Belinda, the generous souls behind Fabulously Wicked Face Painting. 


Soon as we met, Steve and Belinda welcomed us into their world, teaching us the tricks of the trade and so much more. As a multi-award-winning team, they knew their stuff. Let’s just say the fabulous in their name is well earned!

Fabulous enough for their gift to take them to events all over Australia and beyond. And they were happy to share that gift with us.


The team taught us the fundamentals of painting, how to handle kids and how to paint with pace. They also showed us what a rewarding career it can be.


Beyond the valuable work experience, Steve and Belinda gave us a sense us belonging. Their community of artists embraced us fully. By the time we finished the shows, we’d built up the confidence to launch FacepaintingCo. 

And for that, we’re forever grateful!


Getting started


After the experience, we wanted FacepaintingCo to be more than just an entertainment company, that offers face painting in sydney, balloon twisting and glitter and gem parties (so you can be ready for Taylor Swift's next tour!) We wanted it to be a community.


Today, we put that sense of community into every brush stroke, every event, every time. We embrace all our artists and clients into our community, like they did to us. And that community delivers face painting all over Sydney.


Because that’s what it’s all about! 


Don’t miss Steve and Belinda’s tents at this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show, Fri, 22 Mar 2024 – Tue, 2 Apr 2024 on Grand Parade, near the carousel and the KISS FM Sky Wheel.

If you want to learn more about starting a career in face painting, or you're looking to bring some colour to your next event, please get in touch.

If you have any other questions please share them in the comments below!




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