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Our magicians love of magic 

captivates audiences of all ages

The wonder, amazement and delight on the children’s faces are what you will remember most!  


FacepaintingCo magicians skills and showmanship create a delightful atmosphere full of imagination and laughter. They combine magic, illusion, and fun to the delight, amaze and entertain audiences and kiddos of all ages.


The world of imagination

they are going to see something special

Your child will be an active participant in the show, lending a helping hand to our magicians as they perform many magical surprises. Also along for the ride is their cast of funny characters straight from magic land. Their wacky antics guarantee a fun time for everyone!

The magic starts as soon as the children arrive. The show is performed in front of a professional backdrop that hides distractions and keeps the kids focused.


To begin every child receives a magic wand to perform the magic, these lift the experience for the children to a whole new level!


The magician will choose one child at random to receive a magician assistant’s certificate marking the occasion and amazing magic tricks to keep. 

The show comprises a lot of slap stick comedy and magic. During the show, many children will have the opportunity to join the magician on stage and help perform a trick. The children are reassured that they will never be embarrassed on stage. Only positive energy here! The kiddos will feel empowered with their new-found tricks!

After the show the children will be entertained by balloon twisting receiving different shapes like balloon swords, balloon puppies, balloon flowers etc.

Lastly every child will receive a magic booklet each teaching them 5 tricks, a great way to get their parents involved with helping them learn magic!

Over 10 years of experience

action-packed magic show

Our Magicians have valid Working With Children Checks and Public Liability insurance so you can be rest assured that your kids are in the best hands and everyone will be safe.

As each event can be quite different please reach out so we can advise you on what package best suits your event we are always happy to help. Call us on 0433047057 or please get in touch online.

The history of magic

captivating people for over 2,500 years

Magic has a long and varied history and has captivated and enthralled people for over 2,500 years. Magic, which encompasses the sub genres of illusion, stage magic, and close up magic, among others, is a performing art in which audiences are entertained by tricks, effects, or illusions of seemingly impossible feats, using natural means.


It is to be distinguished from paranormal magic which are effects claimed to be created through supernatural means. It is one of the oldest performing arts in the world. Modern entertainment magic, as pioneered by 19th-century magician Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, has become a popular theatrical art form.


In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, magicians such as Maskelyne and DevantHoward ThurstonHarry Kellar, and Harry Houdini achieved widespread commercial success during what has become known as "the Golden Age of Magic".


During this period, performance magic became a staple of Broadway theatrevaudeville, and music halls. Magic retained its popularity in the television age, with magicians such as Paul DanielsDavid CopperfieldDoug HenningPenn & TellerDavid Blaine, and Derren Brown modernizing the art form.


Additionally, the world's largest-selling publication for magicians, Magic Magazine, also has named Jeff McBrideEugene Burger, and Max Maven, among others, to its list of the "100 most influential magicians of the 20th century" to have contributed to the modern development of the art of magic.

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